Enoch Furr


While a resident of Loudoun County, Virginia, Enoch Furr volunteered in November, 1775, for one year, served as private in Captain George Johnson’s company, Colonel Spotswood’s Virginia Regiment, was in the battle of Long Bridge [Great Bridge] and present when Norfolk was burned by Lord Dunmore in January, 1776, and was engaged the rest of the time in scouting parties around Williamsburg and was discharged at the expiration of the term for which he enlisted. He volunteered about the middle of September, 1777, as a substitute for his brother Moses Furr, and served three months as a private in Captains McNicken’s and Read’s Virginia Companies.

Enoch Furr was commissioned a Lieutenant in June 1781 (Orders of Loudon County, Virignia G517-522).

Carter Furr