John Burgess


My ancestor, John Burgess, was a quartermaster in Benedict Arnolds effort to take Quebec. I know he is my ancestor because the Burgess family has done a DNA study which confirms it. When I decided to join the Norfolk Chapter I was told I needed to do a lot of research. Being a librarian I said that would be fun, not a chore. When I sent my stuff off to Louisville I got a nice reply thanking me for all my effort, but asking why I did not just give them my father’s number. John Burgess served from Connecticut, but then went west to Central New York on land which may have been granted to him for his service (I know his brother was given land not too far away for his service). He settled in Monticello, New York, just west of Richfield Springs. I have visited his farm and the little family burial ground where he and his wife are buried (I attach a picture of their graves, romantically touching). The plot is on private land and can only be visited with the permission of the owner.

Dean Burgess