Josiah Kendall (Sr.)


Robert Bruce Kendall, Sr., Robert Bruce Kendall, II and Robert Bruce Kendall III, and Christian Kendall, and now Alexander Kendall, submit the photo of the grave site of one of 24 of their verified paternal ancestors: Josiah Kendall, (Sr.), 1712-1785. buried at Kendall Hill in Sterling Mass, along side of Josiah, Jr. (patriot), Josiah, III (patriot), and Josiah IV (War of 1812). Josiah Sr. answered the call at Lexington & Concord on April 19, 1775, age 63. Josiah Jr. was a member of the council and signed resolves; Josiah III at age 16 served at Rhode Island, and at 18, Bennington, VT. Mr. Kendall also has the patriot, Maj. Nathaniel Healy, from Dudley, MA, who is the patriot for his membership in the Society of the Cincinnati. He served from 1775 until 1781, from Lexington & Concord, to the Dorchester encampment, to Rhode Island, to Ft. Edward, to Saratoga, until being assigned as guardian of the Indians in 1781. Mr. Robert Kendall also has 20 additional patriots from Massachusetts. We are just beginning to verify his Southern patriots, on his mother’s side. Mr. Robert, II, III, Christian and Alexander also have patriots on their maternal side, all Southern, praise the Lord. Respectfully submitted, Vicki Kendall