Brief History of the Virginia Society / Norfolk Chapter SAR

     A Chapter to be known as the Tidewater Chapter #1 Norfolk, VA began on April 20, 1906


     The first Board of Members were:


     President- Tench F. Tilgham            Treasurer- Dr. L.T. Royster

     Secretary- Frederick Amspaugh       Registrar- Harry H. Trice


     A new Chapter, starting with 15 members, was formed in Norfolk, VA on February 8, 1924

     and was to be called the Norfolk Chapter.


     The nucleus of 20 members met on the above mentioned date and elected the following  



     President: Judge William H. Sargeant

     Vice President: Frederick E. Emerson

     Secretary/Treasurer: J.A. Swingley

     Registrar: N.C. Burruss

     Historian: Prof. A.B. Bristow


     Over the years the Norfolk Chapter grew steadily. By 1932 there were 43 members.

     In 1941 there were 124 members and by 1944 the Norfolk Chapter led the state in

     membership with 247 members. Currently there are 105 members.


     The Norfolk Chapter SAR took prominent parts in various Revolutionary War

     commemorations  including Yorktown Day, joining the State and Local DAR chapters

     in honoring the Marquis de Lafayette and 4th of July celebrations.


     Today, the Norfolk Chapter hosts the Commemoration of The Battle of the Capes in Virginia

     Beach, VA, works in conjunction with the Virginia Society SAR for the Commemoration of    

     The Battle of Great Bridge in Chesapeake, VA, hosts the Commemoration of the Battle of   

     Kemps Landing in Virginia Beach, VA and participates in the annual Yorktown Day

     Celebrations in Yorktown, VA.


     The Norfolk Chapter also is involved with our local youth by providing the Knight Essay

     Contest in which the winner receives a medal, certificate and scholarship. There is also

     a membership meeting, usually in March of every year, where the program recognizes

     the youth of our community and an Eagle Scout Scholarship is also awarded.


    If, after reading this brief rendition of the history of the Norfolk Chapter SAR and perusing

   our website your interest has been peaked, please contact any one of the officers listed on

   the Officers page and we will be glad to give you more information on our chapter,

   membership procedures and any other questions that you may have. Our main goal and

   objective is to honor our Patriot ancestors who gave their all so that we can enjoy this great

   country that we live in today.