Patriot Ancestors

Our Patriot Ancestors

The following letters and pictures were submitted by Norfolk SAR members to honor their Patriot Ancestors.  Each image can be enlarged by clicking directly on it.


Josiah Kendall (Sr.)

Robert Bruce Kendall, Sr., Robert Bruce Kendall, II and Robert Bruce Kendall III, and Christian Kendall, and now Alexander Kendall, submit the photo of the grave site of one of 24 of their verified paternal ancestors:  Josiah Kendall, (Sr.), 1712-1785.  buried at Kendall Hill in Sterling Mass, along  side of Josiah, Jr. (patriot), Josiah, III (patriot), and Josiah IV (War of 1812).  Josiah Sr. answered the call at Lexington & Concord on April 19, 1775, age 63.  Josiah Jr. was a member of the council and signed resolves; Josiah III at age 16 served at Rhode Island, and at 18, Bennington, VT.  Mr. Kendall also has the patriot, Maj. Nathaniel Healy, from Dudley, MA, who is the patriot for his membership in the Society of the Cincinnati.  He served from 1775 until 1781, from Lexington & Concord, to the Dorchester encampment, to Rhode Island, to Ft. Edward, to Saratoga, until being assigned as guardian of the Indians in 1781.  Mr. Robert Kendall also has 20 additional patriots from Massachusetts.  We are just beginning to verify his Southern patriots, on his mother's side.
Mr. Robert, II, III, Christian and Alexander  also have patriots on their maternal side, all Southern, praise the Lord.
Respectfully submitted,
Vicki Kendall

Joseph Tremau Sippy, Amos Walton, Zopher Ball, William Ashley, and Nehemiah Howe

Joseph Tremau Sippy Amos Walton Zopher Ball William Ashley Nehemiah Howe
I have some photos for a few of my ancestors who fought for the cause...

1) Joseph Tremau Sippy came over with Comte d'Estaing's fleet and fought for the American cause. 1764 - 1819. He is buried in Westfield Presbyterian Cemetery, Mount Jackson, PA. No marker exists today.
2) Amos Walton was with the Washington Co., PA militia. 1750-1827. He is buried in North Ten Mile Baptist Cemetery, Amity, Washington Co., PA.
3) Zopher Ball was also with the Washington County PA militia. 1724 - 1803. He is buried in the Ball cemetery, Delaware Township, Mercer County, PA.
4) William Ashley served in Captain Ebenezer Allen's company, Vermont Rangers (Green Mountain Boys), among other units. 1758 - 1828. He is buried in Ithaca Cemetery, Ithaca, Darke County, Ohio.
5) Nehemiah Howe of Rutland VT. was with Ethan Allen at Ticonderoga. 1721 - 1777. He is buried at Ward Cemetery, Poultney, Rutland County, Vermont. No marker exists today.

Kindest regards,
Robert J. Avery

Michael Lauver

I joined on my 4th great grandfather, Michael Lauver.
b. August 11, 1757 in Lancaster, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
d. Richfield, Juniata County, Pennsylvania
buried at Brick Church Cemetery, Richfield, Juniata County, Pennsylvania
A picture of his head stone is attached.
Keith Morris

John Burgess

My ancestor, John Burgess, was a quartermaster in Benedict Arnolds effort
to take Quebec. I know he is my ancestor because the Burgess family has
done a DNA study which confirms it. When I decided to join the Norfolk
Chapter I was told I needed to do a lot of research. Being a librarian I
said that would be fun, not a chore. When I sent my stuff off to
Louisville I got a nice reply thanking me for all my effort, but asking
why I did not just give them my father's number.
John Burgess served from Connecticut, but then went west to Central New
York on land which may have been granted to him for his service (I know
his brother was given land not too far away for his service). He settled
in Monticello, New York, just west of Richfield Springs. I have visited
his farm and the little family burial ground where he and his wife are
buried (I attach a picture of their graves, romantically touching). The
plot is on private land and can only be visited with the permission of
the owner.

Dean Burgess


General John Stricker

johnstricker lb
This is the grave of General John Stricker in the Westminster Burial Ground, Baltimore.
He was a captain in the 1st Maryland, "The Maryland Line" in the Revolutionary War.
He rose to the rank of Brigadier in the Maryland Militia and served in the War of 1812.

Stricker C. "Rick" Sanford, IV

Adam Conde

adam conde 1 adam conde 2

Adam Conde was born 19 Sep 1748 in Schenectady, Albany Co., New York
He died 22 Sep 1824 at Glenville, Schenectady Co., New York and is buried in the First Reformed Dutch Church burial grounds, West Glenville, New York
He fought at the Battle of Saratoga during Burgoyne’s defeat, but also served at several other forts around New York including Ft. Ticonderoga.
Unfortunately the grave marker is badly worn because of its age as well as the material it was carved from, but his name and date of death are still fairly readable.

Mike O'Shea

Avery Mustain

avery mustain lb
Avery Mustain on Jul 11, 1776 at the age of 20 volunteered in Pittsylvania County under Capt. Thomas Dillard.
During the siege of Yorktown he assisted in raising breast works & batterys.
After the surrender of Lord Cornwallis, he was detailed and marched to Noland’s Ferry on the Potomac River with the prisoners and at Leesburg he received a discharge about the last of November 1781.
Avery Mustain’s grave is located at 2277 Rockford School Road in Gretna, VA. (5 miles north of Ray’s Mill).

Ernest East

Enoch Furr

Enoch Furr lb Enoch Furr lb Enoch Furr lb
While a resident of Loudoun County, Virginia, Enoch Furr volunteered in November, 1775, for one year, served as private in Captain George Johnson's company, Colonel Spotswood's Virginia Regiment, was in the battle of Long Bridge [Great Bridge] and present when Norfolk was burned by Lord Dunmore in January, 1776, and was engaged the rest of the time in scouting parties around Williamsburg and was discharged at the expiration of the term for which he enlisted. He volunteered about the middle of September, 1777, as a substitute for his brother Moses Furr, and served three months as a private in Captains McNicken's and Read's Virginia Companies.
Enoch Furr was commissioned a Lieutenant in June 1781 (Orders of Loudon County, Virignia G517-522).

Carter Furr